Mobile App

Configure devices, create automation, real-time data monitoring, and more.


Device Management

  • List all devices associated
  • Shows device and block details
  • Capability to remove device
  • Shows online/offline status of devices


Real Time Data Visualization

Monitor real-time data with histograms, line graphs, pie charts, gauges, and more


LoRa Mesh Communication

LoRa is a long range radio protocol that is available to most regions without needing certification like amateur operators.

Users are able to send and receive encrypted messages on their personal mesh.


Cloud Management

Send data easily to AWS IoT, Azure IoT Hub, Google Cloud IoT Core, IBM Watson IoT, TheThingsNetwork.

Or stream data to any MQTT server.


Device Configuration

Shows all static and configurable parameters of a device.

Allows to configure the used sensors, choose the operating mode as well as the sampling rates per sensor.