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GenieBlocks is a modular internet of things platform that provides with hardwares and softwares.


What is GenieBlocks?

GenieBlocks providing you an easy to deploy, easy to integrate low code modular IoT Hardware and Software platform.

From proof of concepts to mass industrial solutions we cover all your needs for a rapid launch within any use case.

How is the architecture?

GenieBlocks edge modules connect to our cloud platform with effortless provisioning by your smartphone or desktop app, your devices become up&running within minutes.

Our embedded security chipset ensures high end security. Secure OTA firmware updates allow you to develop and maintain your services smoothly.

What we offer?

With our powerful and easy to connect hardware module and IoT software platform you can create and setup your dashboards, analytics tools, storage, notifications and automation effortlessly.

You can easily manage your IoT projects with our management boards on our mobile and web applications.


  • WiFi & BLE & (LoRa / NB-IoT / UWB)
  • 3 Axis Accelometer Sensor
  • 3 Axis Magnetometer Sensor
  • 3 Axis Gyro Sensor
  • Pressure/Altimeter Sensor
  • GPS
  • Crypto IC
  • Buzzer
  • Status Indicator LED
  • Smart Button
  • Smart Connector
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  • Fleet Management
  • OTA Updates
  • Device Diagnostics
  • Business Insights
  • Low Code Development
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Mobile App

  • User Management
  • Device Association
  • Scheduling
  • Device Sharing
  • Network Configuration
  • Local and Remote Control
  • Grouping
  • Open Source (You can also build your own app)
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